Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OMG Oh My God

This has been a great year for Indian film industry. Some registered themselves in 100 crores club and some left the incisive mark in crores of Indians heart. When movies like Agnipath, Ek Tha Tiger, Barfi touched 100 crore landmark, movie like Paan singh tomar, Kahani, Gangs of Wasseypur and Oh My God won million hearts.

We saw some talented new comer and some incredible performance from established actors/actresses. While Yami Gautam enthralled everyone by her performance in Vicky Donor, Ranbir Kapoor proved yet again in Barfi that he is the current best in the business.

Coming to this movie, I went to watch Oh My God for Akshay’a acting and Sonakshi’s dance but ended up watching something else and that in someway changed my thinking if not everything.

The movie is an audacious attempt to demystify the concept of God. When you attack on practice of Idol worship, your temerity is tested to the core and Paresh Rawal never gave up till the end.
The movie shows us how blindly we believe in everything when we are in tough situation and ready to do anything. That is where others take advantage of you because you fear of losing the game. Be tough and never ever hesitate to speak your mind. The movie shows us that you will only know what is right or wrong only when you open your mouth. If you remain dormant all the time, you are doing nothing but harming yourself.

Paresh Rawal dint mind filing a case against God because he thinks that because of God only his shop turned into debris and He only was the reason for the earthquake. I think we don’t have a law on how to go further to reinstate the society in the previous position after any natural calamity.

The movie has humor, strong message and Paresh Rawal never disappoints us. Performance from everyone is of top notch but one that won my heart was Gopi Maiya.

It’s a must watch for everyone not just for good laugh but to know how we feel insecure if we don’t believe in God.

"Majhab insaano ke liye banaya gaya tha..Insaan majhab ke liye nahi"