Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English Vinglish

Though I had watched this movie long back but felt the need to express my thoughts here.

First of all welcome back Sridevi ji, it marks the come back of Sridevi after long hiatus of 15 years. Hope she doesn’t stop here and keep making films and keep making us smile.

This movie focuses on one problem which is faced by people all over the world, problem to speak English. This sometimes becomes too much that people starts thinking that there is no alternative to combat this other than learning the language.

Shashi (role played by Sridevi) also finds herself in that peculiar situation when she had to visit to USA for her sister’s daughter’s marriage. First she tries to convince her husband and kids to go along with her but because of work and school they couldn’t accompany her. Once she lands there she finds lots of problems especially when she walks out alone. To get rid of all this and to avoid boredom she joins English speaking classes where people from different countries facing the same problem were there.

What I find encouraging in this movie is Sridevi’s grit to learn English keeping everything aside.

The movie is not all about how she suffers of language problem but how she is treated by her kids. They make fun of her every time. Mother makes every sacrifice to make her kids happy but for kids, they take her sacrifices for granted.

Along with Sridevi performance, cameo of Amitabh Bachchan made it perfect for me.
Before parting ways with Sridevi, he says something which will remain forever enshrined in my mind
‘You will never get the second chances to experience something new, so enjoy it’

It’s a must watch for everyone.

One question: When a man cooks well it is profession but when a woman cooks well why it is just an art? Why aint she given enough credit for making palatable dishes?


Renu said...

coming from a man's mouth..its good to see:)

But I think when man earns nobody gives him much credit, so the same goes for woman.

I havent seen the movie, but on TV , I saw sridevi and dint like this aged one:(

Gargi Gupta said...

I agree with you, Its a nice movie..
And I don't have complete answer to the question...May be for most women, cooking comes naturally.