Monday, October 29, 2012


Now this is another gem by Prakash Jha or rather I shall start referring him Prakash Jha ji.

It starts Nandighat where Maoists have taken the control over the area. Adil (Arjun Rampal, police officer) appoints himself in that area to fight and eradicate this perennial problem. He finds it very hard as Maoist somehow find every move made by police as their information bureau is too strong. His friend Kabir (Abhay Deol) asks Adil to somehow send him in that area and so that he can provide information about Maoist.

Adil successfully sends Kabir into that area and subsequently Kabir wins Maoist heart by his work and secretly keeps providing information of Maoists moves. But after getting deep into this he finds it hard to digest whether Police is right or wrong in wiping out these Maoist who are fighting for poor. So he decides to leave the friendship and goes whole heartedly with Maoist and poor people of that area all because a builder living in London wants to destroy poor people homes and wants to build a mill there.

The movie is eclectic mix of Maoism, corruption, poverty, bureaucracy and politics.
It shows how politics is influenced by bureaucracy and that in tern affect the free functioning of any system. This is not a problem whose solution can be found on the round table, it is so deep rooted now that it can only now be minimized.

That was the story where I have missed the ending, watch it and find it out yourself.
In terms of acting, my respect for Abhay Deol is increasing with every film. No point saying anything about Manoj Bajpai, he is great as always but Anjali Patil (A comrade in Maoist gang) stole my heart. Had it been Irfan Khan in place of Arjun Rampal, it would have reached another level by his sheer class.

Jury will have tough time this when they will sit to choose best actor, best actress and best movie of the year.

Lal salaam!

Good Night

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Renu said...

Lal Salaam was the earlier movie about this problem and it was really heart wrenching to see the atrocities committed by police and admn..

Movies like this always need actors, not people like Arjun Rampal who is neither a actor nor star.