Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat

For me significant amount of reading happens while I travel. I got hold of this book while window shopping at Howrah station. This is Chetan’s first non fiction book which is combination of selected essays and columns he has written on various newspapers and magazines where he talks about mainly on society, youth and politics in India. To be honest I dint find anything encouraging or inspiring in this book like his other books. In this book he tried to touch the problems India is facing at present but dint go deep into it. We all are aware of what is happening in the country. Has he written a fiction again, I would have given a miss because all of his books are more or less same or may be I bought this book so that I can flaunt in my friend circle that I have read all of Chetan’s books.

In the my journey section he tries to show how he deeply loved India and cared for it while working as manager in Bangkok or I think he was rather trying to show off or was trying to get in more readership.
This book doesn’t only focus what young India wants but what we society as a whole want.

Some of the columns are thought provoking and some I couldn’t understand. In a column “Adding values to life” he tells about Indian values and how we should strive for these values in our life. There are some sections where he specifically takes on Government and also tries to provide solution of the some of the problems nation is facing. I loved the column where he tells the difference between money and lakshmi. He also wants like me that politics in India shouldn’t be dynastic but should be rewarded only on performance basis.

You might also feel to do something for the country after completing this book but that desire will not last long. Read this book like you watched Olympics and celebrated our medals but that celebration wouldn’t last long we all know that and the heroes will be forgotten in a month or two.

It is not boring but it is not indulging also. But I think he missed one important page where he specifically writes for the youths. Hope you guys got it.

Happy reading!

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