Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ego clash

How often do we see that people refuse to compromise even if it costs nothing?
Last evening while returning from office, two cabs came head to head and none of them were ready to budge. They were giving insane reasons not to move from the place and the place was jammed by then. The road was amassed with water and so it was very narrow to cross through. The problem came when my cab driver signaled the other guy not to come close while the other gave the indication that he is coming but none stopped and they kept driving. Before their engine stopped my cab driver was in hurry as he had a pick up and was complaining to the supervisor not indulge him in drops when he already has someone to pick up.  
Now after the two cars were stopped both were giving dreadful looks to each other and were exchanging pleasantries but none of them were in a mood to reconcile. Now he forgot whom he has to pick up and was almost insensitive what others are saying. That ego clash was causing a problem to others and because they were talking in Bengali we were unable to intervene.
Meanwhile a guard comes and intervenes and then they both go back and cross path giving tough looks to each other when their cars were passing like they are the don’s of the area.

How often do we see these scenes? People just don’t want to conciliate.
It’s not just this case it happens in all walks of life. While traveling in a bus, queuing for tickets/coupons, watching a movie in hall, asking for change and that delay you unnecessarily and gives you head ache.

We must learn to co operate as we go ahead in life. 

Good Morning, Have a lovely day!

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shashank shekhar said...

Well its true everywhere..no one find fault in themselves and here the ego clashes...