Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some not so famous people I regard highly!

E. Sridharan: It’s very easy to praise this man for the work he has done, but no one knows what goes behind all this for his exemplary work. His sheer dedication towards his work has made the life of Delhi walas very easy. I recently visited Delhi and I think Delhi Metro is the only place where you can see that India somewhere match the standard of Japan or China. But it’s not this simple; he fought many battles to accomplish this from government clearances to political obduracy. He is the new role model to the people who want to work for the betterment of the country.

Pullela Gopichand: I am not very sure how many of you had heard this name before the Olympics but I am sure that now everyone knows who Saina Nehwal is. He isn’t just an incredible coach but an incredible human being. Recently I heard that he has been funding the junior badminton players from his pocket as government doesn’t provide enough facilities to train young athletes. When ever Saina wins a title, people congratulate her but a lot of credit must go to Gopi as well. You can find him thinking about something all the time during the game. He is never too excited whenever she wins and never seems dejected when she has a bad game.

Dashrath Manjhi: If you always criticize others and government for not doing anything, learn something from this man. A man of century or mountain man who dint wait for others to join the uphill task to create a road through mountain, died before reaping of what he has done. His grit to save thousands of people of Gahlour village from walking 8 KM for water gave him enough strength that he shoveled day in day out to do the undoable.

Piyush Mishra: Yeah that guy from Gangs of Wasseypur! All these years I dint notice him in Gulaal, Matrubhoomi, Bhindi Bazar, Rockstar but what a natural talent he is, he is an actor, lyricist, singer and composer. I have become a fan of him after watching Gangs of Wasseypur and listening to his song, Ek Bagal me channd Hoga. These are some special talent we forget to give chances to. Thanks to Anurag Kahsyap who once again brought Piyush into mainstream. People say that GoW was hit because of the story Anurag Kashyap represented but I think it was big hit because the way Nawazuddin, Piyush, Manoy Bajpia, Richa Chaddha acted.  

Bharti Singh: I know you are laughing. Those SAB TV addicts know this fat short height girl. She rose into fame after TV show comedy circus on SAB. Where girl of her appearance find it hard to even come on camera but she surely is a brave girl. I just admire her so much; she is fun to watch every time she appears in any show. Recently in Jhala Dikhla Ja I got to know her true story, how she was raised. She used to watch people eating Burger and wondering how they eat them. No one likes to put on weight but she seems to smiling at all times. She got Madhuri Dixit and Karan Johar in tears when she performed on the song "Kyun mai Jagun aur wo sapne bun raha hai". You must never stress on how you looks but focus on what you are. 

Rakhi Sawant: Dont judge me but yes I like Rakhi Sawant a lot, not her grace but her stiffness. It’s very tough for a ganwar to stay in light in the age of Penty's and Fukhri's and especially when you don’t have a great physique and no bollwood link up, but she still manages to be there. Whether it’s big boss house or the parliament, she somehow gets there.

Unmukt Chand: You absolutely know this lad now. He was big even before he won the world cup. I have been hearing about him from quiet a long time now. It’s hard for a boy to manage people of 15 different states and make them perform and win the cup beating mighty Australians in Australia. He got few chances in IPL season gone by but couldn’t convince selectors to get more chances to show his metal or may be he was in the wrong side when you have KP, Taylor, Mahela, Warner, Veeru, Morkel in that side. He played a great knock and a matured one in the world cup as watched by many. He looked very calm and composed throught. Hope he maintains the same attitude and brings many more cups to India. Indian team’s future looks very bright.

Surely there would be many more in the hindsight but these are the ones that caught my attention.

“Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was”

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

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