Thursday, May 31, 2012

Viswanathan Anand and the glory!!

I was overwhelmed with joy when Susan Polgar Tweeted "Ok they agreed to draw, Anand remains the world champion! Congrats to Vishy".
As I know he was playing for draw in the fourth tie break because he had already won 2nd tie break and drew 1st and 3rd. Though I dont know much about the technicalities of the game but winning the world championship five times is really something to rejoice. It really is a proud moment for India and Indian sport.
Anand became International master at 15, Indian champion at 16, won World Junior title at 17, became country's first grandmaster at 19, and was awarded padmsree at 19. This speaks a volume about the man and caliber he has at the age of 42.
Now comparisons are bound to happen because we live in India. Whenever other sports achieve some great feat we directly start attacking cricket and start behaving like a sensible Indian though it doesn’t last for more than a day.
I had recently watched his interview with Ayaz Menon, he is calm composed man just like Rahul Dravid who believe in playing the game more than just talking. 
Different news channels have different head lines "Is Viswanathan Anand the greatest
Individual sportsman"? Yes he is but just for one day. We tend to over react at times and let the emotions flow beyond the limit.
One other news channels says "Should Viswanathan Anand get the Baharat Ratna and not Sachin Tendulkar"? If he is strong contender for Bharat Ratna then what about others? Dont you think Leander Paes is acheiving great heights, MC Mery Kom is still making us proud. There are many more in the line. So please give him due credit what he deserevs but without criticising others. Seriously I was laughing when sports minister announced 10 lakhs rs the moment he got the news. We value everything with money and that’s the problem.
So folks let us respect him what he has achieved and wish him more luck to bring many more laurels to the country.
Jai Ho!!
Signing Off
Anil Anuragi

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SM said...

its great that he won 5th time