Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satyamev Jayate!!

Happy New Year!! No??

Not for you folks but for my blog, haven’t been here for a long time and I guess this is the first post in 2012. It’s not like that I don’t like this place anymore or took sabbatical but Twitter has taken over the blog for quite a some time now. I rant there blatantly about anything and everything that crosses my mind. In fact I am more active in Twitter (those who are in Twitter my twitter handle is @anuragi89) than in Gmail or in Facebook these days. This time I thought of going beyond more than 140 characters so I am here once again. Sorry to respond late, I am sure you missed reading me as much as I missed writing in this space. No?

Let’s come to the discussion point now. Satayamev jayate started with a very good note. Everyone is talking about it and hope it continues doing the same and hope Aamir doesn’t disappoint us which I think he will not and hope he doesn’t take the criticism seriously that the show received on its debut.

To be honest I was very much excited about this show since they started showing the promos. I generally don’t watch any TV serials except KBC and that too because of Mr Bachchan is the host. And if the show starts at 11 AM and that too on Sunday, I can only say hats of to this man, he can make anytime prime time.

They started off with flying colors. Social networking sites were deluged with congratulatory messages with the success of SMJ. Every one from Bollywood to cricketers to Politician strenuously praised Aamir’s effort to put forward some issues that make you think that we are here for some purpose. We need to give back something to society that has given us so much. As in the show they rightly mentioned that female feticide is not the new thing, it has been there from the past times. It’s not deep rooted only in rich or in poor or in big cities or in rural areas or based on caste or religion. It’s there in every strata of society. And it’s also not like that we dint know about it but the problem is that we just discuss things and don’t act on them timely.
Some people try to become arbiter in every case. We want to judge everything in just two ways: Yes or No even before pondering whether it is good or bad. Folks we don’t need to be polemic in every act. There are many who think that Amir takes societal issue just to gain the mileage but then why don’t others realize it. Some are saying that he is doing just for the publicity and some even saying that he is taking 3 crore for an episode. Ok I buy your argument but at least he is taking it for some good cause and not like others who are flaunting their status and doing nothing for the society (I don’t need to mention the names). We need to be corroborative because we know that Aamir is a sapient man and knows what is right and what is wrong.

I hope in the coming episodes he brings some more serious issue like child labor, education, infanticide, honor killing, dowry, reservation, farmers suicide, agriculture, malnutrition, immolation(though it has almost vanished but still there are some cases we hear on a blue moon) and child marriage.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value ~ Albert Einstein

Signing Off
Anil Anuragi :) 


Renu said...

He has started a good serial, only thing bad is that he has made it too expensive with his exorbitant fees, why not reduce them if you really want to do some good work, why do it at the expenses of others?

Bikramjit said...

Hmmm well on the flip side the social networks and everything else also went into tenzy when anna ji started his movement or some one else did.. but what has happened nothing .. SO the question is are we as citizens going to let this one also bite the dust after a few episodes .. with the blame games etc or are we going to do something about it .. THAT IS THE QUESTION, we all need to answer.

Aamir has done a brilliant job and i hope he carries on doing this, even if it is for his own publicity doesnot matter truth is truth he has shown it to us and now we need to do something


amitava said...

I guess price is associated with brand value. So often some brands are costly just bcoz to take attention. So 3 crore per episode is not just for acting, it is also a part of branding and promotion of the show.
Aamir loves challenges so he took an odd show time(Sunday morning is the laziest slot of our life, and no competition from existing hit shows broadcasted in prime time) he did not take any sponsors for whom he is branding(If this show fails those brands wont be affected,
but if it succeeds then new brands will be in Aamir's pocket to play with).
Now if we talk about the content then it is a good presentation of our daily issues with good research, facts and figures. Now we do not need so much of discussions as only enhancing knowledge does not resolve an issue until we act.
I guess to keep viewers watching he will pour some more magic into it.
Anil, I take your this post is biased as you are an admirer of some other iconic celebrity.
If that celebrity would do this then you would have been enthralled with the style of delivering the same thing 100th times in different style without discussing much as he also fetches a good amount for his show.
Business is business. Everybody is making out of it. Being a big fan of Aamir Khan I don't feel excited as they are making money out of our problems without solving it.

My journey said...

@Renu Ji: Bcoz he is not allowing any sponsors in his shows. And why we are only stuck what he is charging? There have been others who have also been charging more or less same amount. :)

@Bikram: Yes that the real question, the prob with us is that we get bored quickly with one type of materials. :)

@Amitava: I wasnt biased here, I dint comment negatively about what he is charging per episode. And for me celebrity status doesnt matter as much as long as the content is good. And I do love watching Aamir Khan any day. :)