Saturday, June 2, 2012

Never Change yourself!

Many times most graceful acts of yours are not reciprocated, what you do if the other side is not able to understand, absorb and reciprocate kindness, grace and goodwill. Just persist with what you think is the right course of action.
Let me tell you all a story, may be you have heard it already.
There was a Sadhu(saint) taking bath in a river. Many other people were also taking bath alongside. After a while people saw some thing strange. Sadhu was trying to save a scorpion who was about to sink in the water. Every time Sadhu will lift scorpion in his hand, he will sting, hand will tremble, and the scorpion will fall into the water. Sadhu will again lift scorpion, again it will sting, and it will fall. One of the bystanders could not resist asking sadhu, why was he doing that repeatedly? Sadhu replied, look, he does what is his natural behaviour that is to sting. When he does not change his behaviour, why should I change my behavior which is to save? -------welll.....

Courtesy Anil Gupta

One must never change what he thinks is right and what he believes in. Because when things don’t go in your way then there will at least be one person that can smile and proudly say that I did that! Never let that attitude in you change in spite of any unfavorable odds.

Have a lovely day. ;)

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Renu said...

very tue and inspiring, yes One must nevr leave one's ideology and beliefs.