Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ye Jo Mera Bihar Hai: Ravish Kumar

Everyone who watches even a little bit of news surely would have heard this name. Ravish Kumar is a senior executive editor with NDTV India, the Hindi news channel of NDTV news Network and hosts Prime Time and Ravish ki report at 9 PM. He hails from Champaran Bihar, a north Indian state.
I am regular watcher of his shows. But let me confess that before moved to NDTV India, I was an avid watcher of New Hours with Arnab Goswami but it now has become one man show.
Now let me come to the point. While channels were busy talking about Sudhindra Kulkrni ink episode, Bihar election, Dadri Incident which dominated the headline for couple of days and as usual Kashmir Issue sitting in AC rooms, there was on reporter who was out in the streets reporting what affects everyone lives.
As the show starts Ravish Kumar, wearing a yellow shirt was seen riding a bicycle in a village with school girls who were coming back from schools. The way he asked questions to teenage girls shows he really cares about what is happening in his own states. He told them to speak up, learn English as opportunities are more for English speakers, voice your opinion and join the politics. He was amazed to see how a bicycle can change the fate for a girl. Bicycle means more girls are enrolling in schools as they don’t have to travel to far off places barefooted and also to help in household activities such as buying ration.
He also shown a girl riding a bicycle distributing newspaper and also a girl carrying her mother to home from bus stand.
He was encouraging everyone in that group and I am sure each one would have gained a lot of confidence to do well in their studies and in future endeavors as well.
It was really great to see this Ravish Ki Report amidst all the chaos in studios. Hope he carries on like this for many many years.

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