Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cricket commentators.


Ian Chappel – He is by far the most knowledgeable. He is never afraid of to voice his opinion which concerns the game. He always calls spade a spade.

Tony Grieg – Ahh I will always miss this man’s voice. Sharjah – Tendulkar – Tony Grieg best combination. He was sometimes critical of Indian and Indian cricket but always did with good spirit. “Whadda player, lovely elegant drive all the way to the boundary! “ . Sachin hits McGrath for a six and Tony in the comm. Box ‘The little man has hit big fella for a six’

Tom Moody – Some may not agree with me to  have him in the best but I really like him because of his shrewd knowledge about the game. His voice is also very sound unlike other.

Harsha Bhogle – No words to describe Harsha. If cricket is a gentlemen’s game he is a gentle voice. Because of him cricket viewing is much more interesting, he never let the dull moments come in when he is behind the mic, where it is about cricket or Indians in general or the life of a cricketer, he knows all. He always comes with new words and phrases which are refreshing to ear.

Sourav Ganguly – a lovely addition in commentary box. His pitch report and captaincy tactic are good to listen. He often sites past memory of him with past legends and really good anecdotes which make the atmosphere very lively.

Above average

Naser Hussain – He is good when he is talking about what is happening in the field, sometimes he over analysis which doesn’t go well with some listeners as we are interested in what is happening currently on the field. But none the less he is strong in his views and never hesitates to voice his opinion.

Shane Warne – Another good addition in the commentary box. Love listening to him as he brings different dimension to the game.

Rahul Dravid – Ahh can never get enough of Rahul Dravid. Whether he is in commentary box or anywhere, behind the mic he as cool as he is with the bat. Always sober and no nonsense.

David Llyod - Haven’t heard much of him but what I have heard is really refreshing

Pommi Mbangwa – Coming from a country which is struggling to have its mark on international cricket, he is always modest and his antics sometimes lighten up the atmosphere. He is someone who doesn’t come with any prejudice and wears his heart on his sleeve.


Alan Wilkins – Having done commentary for Tennis and Golf, he doesn’t fit in cricket, though he had played cricket. He doesn’t analyze the cricket much but talks the condition the venue and the crowd most of the time. I love him though with Vijay Amritraj in tennis, best duos!

Wasim Akram – He is one who always keeps going to past. He always brings two legends Sachin and Imran Khan and tries to tell why Indians have good batter and Pak have good fast bowler.

Sanjay Manjrekar – He is someone who comes prepared I guess. He doesn’t respond to situation very well. He often makes mistakes in fielding position as well fielders but never tries to correct himself. He thinks it will get unnoticed but viewers want accurate analysis especially when you are on in video commentary.

Ravi Shastri – Lots of noise but no insights can summarize Ravi Shashtri in commentary box. He is good at times but over pitched. His lack of coining new words and depending upon same cliché makes it boring.

Sunnil Gavaskar – Being a great cricketer doesn’t mean you are a great commentator too. For him Sachin Tendulkar is everything. He is without a doubt best but why to bring him in everything. Sunny is biased towards any Mumbai Cricketer. If sachin takes a single he goes all gaga but if Kohli or MSD hits a good cracking shot he doesn’t say much on that. Though I love when he imitates Jamaican’s accent.

Ian Bishop – Really a humble West Indian, when Windies were loosing game after game against India he is someone who still retains his composer. He doesn’t go overboard and doesn’t shout like many others.

Navjot Singh Sidhu (English) – I put him in the category for his English commentary but we hardly see him in English Channel.

Danny Morrison – He is good only with IPL which matches his ability. He is much towards entertainment side than the cricket side.


Ramiz Raza – I am sure this will be the first name. He literally kills the game. He tries to use phrases but they always backfire him. One of the few ‘Misbah looks cool from exterior, don’t know about interior’

Kapil Dev – Without any disrespect to this legend, commentary doesn’t suit him well. He does speak what he wants to but not in the manner viewers want to listen.

Simon Doull – Again a very dull commentator.

Laxman Shivramkrishnan – Worst of the lost if I can say. He is not biased towards Indian cricket but towards a league. For him CSK is the best team. For him if CSK need 40 of last over, he will still be hopeful.

Navjot Singh Sidhu (Hindi) – I am often surprised why channels hire him to do the commentary. He rarely does cricket commentary but speaks everything except cricket. His jokes after every ball are too boring. It can offer a few laughs but then after 5 minutes or so you will see him repeating all over again.

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