Monday, August 12, 2013

So who are US open favorites now?

So the debate has come alive once again after Rafael Nadal trumped local lad Milos Raonic yesterday in just 68 minutes. Well to be precise it was not the final but the semifinal that caught the eyes of every tennis pundit when Nadal defeated the best hard court player Novak Djokovic in epic semifinal. Nadal wasn’t the hot favorite for US open after his first round loss to Belgian Steve Darcis in Wimbledon but this Rogers Cup seems to have changed the equation completely.
I am not saying that Nadal is equally capable in hard court as he is in clay but after beating Novak, Janowicz (Montreal Master), Federer, Gulbis, Del Potro, Berdych (Indian Wells) he certainly is eyeing for the big year end trophy. And to those who keep saying that Nadal is clay courter, he is keeping 100% record in hard court, above clay court.
The talk of the town is certainly Rafael Nadal but before the US open, there is Cincinati as well and all big four (or big six I should say) are playing. Novak will be dying to clinch this one to become the first man to win all 9 ATP tour masters 1000. Roger Federer will be looking to get his second title of the year (which is really a poor record for the big). Rafael Nadal would like to carry on where he left in Montreal and Murray would ride high in confidence despite his third round loss to Ernest Gulbis. It does not end here. We have Del potro who would certainly love to repeat his 2009 heroics and you can never discount on David Ferrer. He can surprise you anytime.

So as 26th August is drawing close, we are eager to see who shines at flushing meadow this time!


bidisha biswas said...

u forgot to write about the female contenders... serena ,venus,li na, masha etc.. if u ask me id be rather disapionted if fedrer dont win.. it would be great to see rafa-roger clash in finals... and lets see whats nole papa will say during matches...

Anil Anuragi said...

Hmm not much into women's game! I watch women Tennis for fun. You know what I mean :)
And coming to Roger chances, he certainly have to deliver now before people start writing him off. He has just one title and year is drawing close. And about Roger Rafa in final, they can't meet in the finals as Federer will be anyhow seeded below fourth even if he lifts Cincinati. So we will have to watch Rafa Roger QF in flushing Medow!