Monday, June 24, 2013

Nature’s fury in Uttarakhand

You can never defy two things: Nature and death. Absolute truth!
Isn’t it? Rather you should be better prepared and equipped to tackle these calamities. After more than a week people are still stranded at the sight. Isn’t it blow to NDMA? Why to make a body if their job is just to give speeches? We wake up only when the damage has already been done? Shouldn’t rescuing people be their top priority and they can do the post mortem (politics) later? And like always finally we have to ask army and they never ever disappoint us, they are the REAL heroes. Whether it is Mumbai attack or this, they are the ones who never show the back!

Also this incident tells a thing or two about us. I heard that locals were selling a bottle of water at rs 250 and a packet of glucose biscuit at rs 400. This tells that we Indians never let any opportunity go away even in hardest times! Politicians also come from the same society. Now you can very well understand what I intend to say here.

One more thing I would like to say about journalists. While I respect their coverage (at times because of them things/operation get expedited) but shouldn’t they be little sensible in reporting? We do empathize with the bereaved family but there is no need to be sensational all the time and talking with people who are in grief. This is not the time to score points but to shave people that are still stranded at the sight. You can also do your bit apart from reporting.

With little bit of interest in politics I have understood that ki “Har cheej ke do pahlu hote: Congress pahul and BJP pahlu”.
If tragedy happens in Chhatisgarh Congress and BJP will have different view point and if it happens in Uttaranachal, BJP and Congress will have different point of views! Let’s keep this for some other time.

I really pray and hope that those stuck in there are rescued and no more lives is taken.


bidisha biswas said...

"If patience is worth
anything, it must endure to
the end of time. And a living
faith will last in the midst of
the blackest storm..... "

when i went to kedarnath in 2003 it ws d most diffucult journey i hav ever made in my life... starting from d decrease in oxygn level d more u rise up due to d variation in bp. water ws ice cold evn drinking water ws difficult..sun ws bearly visible..and if it faild to give warmth.. at nit der ws a less amount of electric supple and food ws only available at sm hotels and bharatseva ashram.. without any calamities.. we wer dying to return to plain land..Today when i see d condition of kedarnath,i feel pathetic for dos who are struck der..the most pathetic point when u see dos dead bodies scatterd here and der.. and eagl vultures feeding on dos bodies...
What shicked me more ws the new dat water food and odr things hav market value abov 500 rs. SHAME on r socity and politics...evn in such condition sm polititians r applying der brain and giving help so dat nation can make dm PM or vote for der party in election... sm politician r placing "chawnies" and naming dm as "inke netritwa me ye shivir is party dwara".
"It is better to be violent, if there is
violence in our hearts, than to put on
the cloak of nonviolence to cover
impotence. "
both natural calamities nd politics kill human and humanity....
kedarnath is nw a death one to say "har har mahadev"..lets pray for dos who r still fighting to live..

Renu said...

in a national catastrophe, I think politicians should be banned..

monika singh said...

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